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Floor Butler


Arabie Saoudite
Rosewood Jeddah
Chambres - Heart of House
Type de poste
Permanent à temps plein


Is responsible for all aspects of guest care internally during stay assisting in all areas of the hotel and continual improvement of skills through training and practice.  Is instrumental to achieve our goal in providing the highest professional standards in Butler Service to our guests and thus exceeding the guest's expectation.  He is a member of the Evacuation Team.


Presents himself well-groomed, clean and pleasant.

Reports to duty on time.

Takes note of information, updates and instruction by the Head Butler.

Takes note of information on Memo Board and Training Board.

Goes through the B.C.C. logbook and takes note of information concerning guests.

Checks the guest's arrival details.

Takes in-depth hand over from the Floor Butler in the Butler pantry or allocated area.

Reads logbook and takes notes and initials.

Maintains the pantry clean and tidy and supplies well stocked.

Tests and checks that room equipment is functioning.

Co-ordinates through the Head Butler with the maintenance to fix faulty equipment.

Offers the arriving guests a welcome beverage.

Extends special attention to rooms occupied by families according to the culture.

Offers service to unpack luggage.

Reviews and check all outstanding laundry forms.

Updates the guest with room and hotel facilities and in-house activities.

Updates Butler sheet noting arrivals, departures, and stays-on.

Reports any problems to the Head Butler or in his absence to the designated Butler.

Assists with luggage delivery and collection with the coordination of the Concierge.

Takes care of the guest’s laundry, pressing and dry-cleaning with the coordination of the Valet Runner.

Maintains guest wardrobe in a neat and tidy fashion.

Is responsible for the preparation of all Honeymoon bookings in his floors

Arranges the fruit basket and amenities for arrival and refill them on a daily basis according to the guest's wishes and according to each room category (set-up).

Polishes the guest shoes as per the set standards.
Delivers appropriate newspapers to guest rooms.

Coordinates with the Front Desk for speed check-out.

Delivers guests’ mail, messages and faxes promptly.

Processes the guest’s departure:
- Offers assistance to pack
- Leases with reception regarding consumption of mini fridge items and guest supplies.
- Co-ordinates with the Chief Concierge regarding airline tickets, flight reconfirmation, limousine, luggage, etc.
- Checks with the guest about his next arrival and offers room reservation
- Checks any items left behind by the guest and records in the “Lost & Found” logbook with the Housekeeping.

Reports upon departure of guests to the Head Butler/Supervisor the all preferred wishes of the guest in order to update the guest profile.

Informs the Housekeeping of all rooms that require service.

Maintains the stock of mini-fridge supplies and refills daily and informs the BCC regarding the charges to relevant rooms.

Is fully aware of first aid formalities.

Records all the guest requirements in the logbook such as items and time of preferred services.

Is fully aware of Fire and Evacuation procedures.

Carries out duties that may be assigned to him from time to time by his superiors.

Handle all the brand-standard tasks.

À propos de nous

Rosewood Jeddah is situated in the heart of Jeddah’s Corniche in the fashionable northern corner of the city within easy reach of key business, diplomatic and designer shopping districts. The hotel itself is a distinctive modern building situated along the shores of the Red Sea with memorable views from the hotel’s guestrooms and luxury facilities, making it a popular destination for a Saudi Arabia vacation. The hotel’s name is inspired by the traditional culture and architecture of the city of Jeddah. The city’s history dates back more than two thousand years. As a major port on the Red Sea, Jeddah has been a destination on many adventurers’ voyages and journeys. Unesco described the oldest areas of Jeddah as a unique example of the historic urban architecture of the Mediterranean and the Arabian Peninsula. At Rosewood Jeddah the very best of modern design and technology is combined with the heritage, culture and traditions of the kingdom. The hotel appeals to both business and leisure travelers offering elegance and unparalleled personal service. One of the finest hotels in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, Rosewood Jeddah was the first hotel in Jeddah to offer 24-hour butler service for all rooms. The hotel’s 127 rooms and suites are thoughtfully furnished and many offer stunning views of the Red Sea.