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Sous Chef (French Cuisine)

General Information

Rosewood Baha Mar
Food & Beverage - Culinary
Job Type
Full-time Permanent

Job Description

• Schedules working hours of all Kitchen staff with approval of Chef De Cuisine taking into consideration the volume of expected business. Arranges extra staff during high volume of business if unexpected business occurs or dismisses them earlier if business is slow.
• Trains regularly all cooks and makes sure that they fulfill their given tasks at all times.
• Accepts flexible working hours according to the business demand
• Attends meetings and trainings required by the Executive Chef
• Assigns in details, specific duties to Unit Chefs or subordinates and instructs them in their work.
• Carries out full stock taking at the end of each month in collaboration with the Cost Control Department.
• Insists on personal cleanliness and proper discipline of all employees under his direct supervision.
• To be responsible with the Chef De Cuisine for the quality of all food prepared in the outlet assigned. Checks constantly all dishes for its taste, temperature and visual appearance. Makes sure that all dishes are uniformed and that established portion sizes are adhered to.
• Reports to Executive Chef all staff matters, recommends promotions, transfers and all staff related points together with the Chef De Cuisine.
• Checks with maintenance that all kitchen equipment is functioning properly Makes an attempt to prevent damage or loss of equipment. (Instructs staff on how to use kitchen equipment properly)
• Prevents the use of spoiled or contaminated products in any place of food preparation and prevent employees who are ill or suffering from infection in taking part of food handling.
• To be aware of all hotel polices & procedures
• Maintains a friendly and pleasant attitude at all times towards his co-workers. Always wears a clean and tidy uniform, name badge and safety shoes.
• To be familiar with the emergency procedure of the hotel.
• Performs other duties as assigned by Executive Sous Chef or Chef De Cuisine
• To be responsible for the daily order of food products and all internal kitchen transfers.
• Manages time effectively by meeting deadlines on time.
• Identifies and solves problems in a professional manner.
• Completes the daily log book after duty and mentions all relevant information of the operation including complains.
• Administers personnel action on leaves & overtime requests, disciplinary actions and commendation.

About Us

Nestled against the famed sands of Cable Beach, Nassau, the Bahamas, Rosewood Baha Mar is island hospitality at its finest. This is a place that wears its British colonial heritage proudly on its sleeve, while melding it with every global amenity imaginable. Mere steps from the sea, the Baha Mar complex is home to a beachfront casino, giving a pleasurable edge to every sun-kissed holiday. A stunning mix of intuitive service, culinary treasures and Bahamian culture, Rosewood Baha Mar offers a range of authentic restaurants and an array of distinctive Bahamian artwork. Minutes away the bustle of downtown Nassau awaits, the Bahamian capital providing a lively contrast to the serenity and tranquility of the resort. Epitomizing relaxed oceanfront living at its best, Rosewood Baha Mar gives every guest a gilded glimpse into the soul of the islands, gracing every holiday not only with crystal waters and pure white sands, but also warmth, joy and opportunity. Truly, this is a destination to be savored, and explored.